Most Anticipated of 2012

2012 is shaping up to be a huge year for film considering how it has releases from Malick, Haneke, PTA, Tarantino, and……need I say more? I, for one, am extremely excited about what’s coming out in these next several months. These are the five that I cannot wait to see:

To The Wonder: Two years, two films by Terrence Malick. Considering how the shortest length between releases for Malick was the six years between The New World and The Tree of Life these rapid releases have me very excited. So far I have yet to see a Malick film that I haven’t considered fantastic so the reasoning for this being here is pretty clear. In addition to the sheer excitement the words “New Terrence Malick Film” brings to me, the cast has the ability to be great. Rachel McAdams and Weisz are just okay in my opinion, but Ben Affleck and Martin Sheen can make up for any sub-par acting.

Amour: Michael Haneke has created two of my favorite films of all time, one of which won the Palme d’Or. This year after rave reviews Haneke became the seventh filmmaker to win two Palme d’Or awards with his new film: Love. I don’t really know much about the film but I have heard nothing but praise for Haneke’s direction and the lead performances by Jean-Louis Trintignant, Emmanuelle Riva, and Isabelle Huppert. The Plame d’Or win is just another extra reason to go.

The Master: Paul. Thomas. Anderson. This is the first release of his that I am going to get to see in theaters considering how I only discovered him this last year, and it can’t come soon enough. Any PTA film would have me excited but then comes the plot and the cast. Philip Seymour Hoffman is one of the finest actors of all time, Joaquin Phoenix is one of the most talented actors of his generation, and Amy Adams proved last year with The Fighter that she can deliver a performance that packs a punch (Boxing puns for life). Take all of that and then fill in the plot piece with Scientology and you have one my most anticipated film of 2012. Here’s the trailer:

Django Unchained: The thing about Inglorious Basterds that really worked for me was how fun the entire experience was. It took a time in history that is usually viewed through a sad lens and made it enjoyable. It looks like he’s doing it again here with Django. Just from the trailers you can already tell how much fun the actors are having in their roles, especially Christoph Waltz and Leo Dicaprio. Who didn’t smile when they heard every line Dicaprio spoke in the trailer? I certainly did. It may not be the best of 2012, but I am thoroughly convinced it will be the most enjoyable. Here’s the trailer:


The Iceman: Michael Shannon has proven himself time and time again as one of the most talented actors of his generation with his masterful roles in Take Shelter and Revolutionary Road. It is for that reason, and essentially that reason alone why this film is on this list. Michael Shannon as a contract killer could result in the best performance of his career. Shannon has that cold, calculating presence that made his performance in Revolutionary Road so perfect and it could easily be carried into this film, making it extraordinary. Besides just the incredible talent of Shannon you also have James Franco, Ray Liotta, and Winona Rider to carry the film. I’ve never seen a film by the writer/director so this could very well be a bust, but from just an acting perspective this has the potential for greatness.

There you have it. My five most anticipated films of 2012. What films have you counting down the days to their release?


12 thoughts on “Most Anticipated of 2012

    • Neither Rachel McAdams nor Rachel Weisz have proven themselves as talented actors in the films I’ve seen them in. Affleck on the other hand has delivered some solid performances in The Town along with others. Maybe it’s just that I haven’t seen enough of Weisz and McAdams work.

      • I think McAdams has been great in everything she’s done! Mean Girls, The Notebook, Wedding Crashers? Granted they’re not exactly Oscar-worthy films but she’s definitely charming and charismatic. Aside from The Hot Chick I don’t think you can say she’s done any bad movies.

        And Rachel Weisz actually IS an Oscar winner (The Constant Gardner)! Plus The Fountain, Enemy at the Gates, the Mummy (again, not a dramatic role, but that doesn’t mean a great performance should be disregarded).

        Ben Affleck has had a few good roles and a lot more flops or action/blockbuster movies that I wouldn’t even rank above Mean Girls or the Mummy. He’s just not as consistent as those two ladies, and overall I think he’s going to prove a far better director than actor.

    • After seeing all the films you listed I realized that I haven’t really seen enough of either of their work to really form an opinion. I’ve on seen McAdams in Midnight in Paris, and the Sherlock Holmes films. Both of which she was good in. As for Weisz I’ve only seen her work in rom-coms and The Mummy. I’ll have to check out some of the films you mentioned.

  1. Great list! All of these plus Seven Psychopaths and Skyfall and The Hobbit. Fuck it there is a lot of great films coming out this year and I am exited for to many to count. If you like Shannon check out Revolutionary Road and Boardwalk Empire he is a complete scene stealer in both, hell I even like him as the villain in Kangaroo Jack (wonder why the academy didn’t see the potential from that role. Also if you head to they are starting a campaign to get The Master in 70mm in as many cities as possible if your interested. Again dig the post.

    • Thanks! If I had made this a top ten list all three of those films would probably be on it, but then again there’s so many great films being released that I may not have had room. I loved Shannon in Revolutionary Road and Boardwalk Empire. Two of his best roles. I had completely forgotten about the masterpiece that is Kangaroo Jack. The academy always ignores the best ones, don’t they? I’ll be sure to check out that post.

  2. I’m so excited for Iceman mostly because I really want Winona Ryder to have proper comeback at last. I love Shannon, he is just magnificient in Boardwalk Empire. My most anticipated from 2012 is probably Killer Joe and Seven Psychopats.

    • The Iceman has a lot of great factors going into it, the best of which being Shannon and Ryder. Seven Psychopaths is definitely in my top ten for this year. I was really excited for Killer Joe but the reception has been pretty mixed and that’s kind of dampened my excitement.

    • The way it looks right now, this will be the best year for film in a long time. It seems like every great filmmaker is releasing something this year. Thanks for checking out my site! I’ll definitely check out your list!

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