April in Film

 As it turns out, I watched about twenty-four films this month. These ranged from the terrible American Pie films to the works of brilliant auteurs. Enjoy. I’ve split them up between first time watches and re-watches. Here they are:

First-Time Watches:

American Pie (60/100)

American Pie 2 (55/100)

American Wedding (65/100)

Days of Heaven (98/100)

Catch Me If You Can (87/100)

Badlands (100/100)

Children of Men (97/100)

Through a Glass Darkly (100/100)

Winter Light (100/100)

Cries and Whispers (100/100)

Gerry (99/100)

The New World (97/100)

Mulholland Dr. (100/100)

Waltz With Bashir (99/100)

Night and Fog (100/100)

Un Chien Andalou (95/100)

Synecdoche, New York (100/100)

Adaptation (100/100)

Everything Must Go (70/100)


Boogie Nights (100/100)

12 Angry Men (97/100)

Shame (100/100)

Drive (95/100)

Requiem For A Dream (100/100)

Best Film watched in April: Synechdoche, New York

Worst Film watched in April: American Pie 2

So there you have it. My April 2012 in terms of film. It was the month I truly discovered Bergman, Malick, Kaufman, and the infinitely shitty American Pie trilogy. Overall it was a pretty good month. How was yours?


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