Un Chien Andalou

I am so confused while I am writing this. I just finished up Luis Bunuel and Slvador Dali’s short film Un Chien Andalou and I am entirely unsure regarding my feelings about the film. Honestly who watched this and had a single clue as to what just happened? I certainly don’t.

From what I have read about the film it is supposedly just a series of random surrealist images ranging from the juxtaposition of a sliced eye and a cloud moving through the moon to a man dragging priests and dead donkeys. The strange thing is that this is not what I got out of the film at all.

What I saw was a broken up narrative that told the story of a type of maniacal and evil magic man who had the ability to perform actions that fit in perfectly with the surrealist theme of the film. I really was intrigued with the story of this crazed man who stopped at nothing to hurt the woman who witnessed one of his murders. This woman who used to be his lover became disgusted with him after she saw the true him. This occurred in one of the most memorable scenes to me which was when he was looking out the window at the woman as cars approached, waiting for her to be struck. This was your first insight into the maniac. Of course that was what I got out of it.

Overall the film was very unique and just so surreal, but of course that was the point of it. Through the time it has taken me to write this I have discovered that I really loved the film. It was probably the most unique experience that I have ever had in film and I love that. I love films like these that leave you with that “What the hell?” feeling and films that leave you not knowing exactly what happened. This film will test our intellect and it will cause you to think. If you like films like this then you should watch it. If you hate thinking and you like being spoon-fed your endings then don’t watch it. Me personally, I like staying up till 2 AM thinking about the ending of a film. In my mind that is a wonderful film.

That is why I love this film.



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