Fifty Wishes

Recently both brilliant blogs “The Droid You’re Looking For” and “Southern Vision” posted fifty of their cinematic wishes. What these “wishes” consist of is moments or details in films that you wish could change or things related to film that you wish could happen. I’ll be linking both of the lists where I first saw this idea below.

Southern Vision


Now, lets begin:

  1. I wish more people recognized The Tree of Life for the masterpiece that it is.
  2. I wish that people would never use the word pretentious in relation to film.
  3. I wish every film was as unique and absurd as Bronson.
  4. I wish that Stanley Kubrick could have lived forever.
  5. I wish that every director used ensemble casts as well as Paul Thomas Anderson.
  6. I wish Brad Pitt had been nominated for his performance as Tyler Durden in Fight Club.
  7. I wish all of Tom Cruise’s performances were as good as his was in Magnolia.
  8. I wish Christian Bale’s performance in American Psycho got the recognition it deserves.
  9. I wish every directorial debut was as good as Hunger.
  10. I wish Annette Benning had won for American Beauty
  11. I wish Spike Lee would never lay his hands on Oldboy. Ever.
  12. I wish every film was as beautiful as Valhalla Rising.
  13. I wish every duo was as good as Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek in Badlands.
  14. I wish every performance could be as good as Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood.
  15. I wish every scene affected me in the way the hospital scene in Werckmeister Harmonies did.
  16. I wish every film could make me cry like Requiem For A Dream can.
  17. I wish every character actor was as good as Philip Seymour Hoffman.
  18. I wish every Sci-Fi film could be of the same quality as 2001.
  19. I wish every conversation was as brilliantly written as the one between Max Von Sydow and Gunnar Bjorstan in Winter Light.
  20. I wish every films soundtrack was as good as Shame.
  21. I wish A Clockwork Orange would be released from Criterion with a cool cover. 
  22. I wish I had discovered Ingmar Bergman sooner.
  23. I wish every director could be as cool as Darren Aronofsky.
  24. I wish every bromance could be as good as the one between Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling.
  25. I wish Robert De Niro still made films like Taxi Driver
  26. I wish Adam Sandler never made a movie after Punch-Drunk Love.
  27. I wish Rocky had never beaten out Taxi Driver and Network for best picture.
  28. I wish more films were as stylish as Drive
  29. I wish more films could leave me as utterly confused as Mulholland Dr. did.
  30. I wish every director could be of the same master class of filmmaking that Terrence Malick is in.
  31. I wish everyone would stop hating on Terry Gilliam.
  32. I wish I had a friend like Walter in The Big Lebowski
  33. I wish every action film was as intricate as Inception.
  34. I wish HAL had just opened the pod-bay doors.
  35. I wish every film could be as fun as Scott Pilgrim Vs. The world. 
  36. I wish Woody Harrelson’s performance as Larry Flynt had won best actor.
  37. I wish everyone was as cool as Kevin Spacey.
  38. I wish that every ending was as shocking and terrifying as Oldboy.
  39. I wish everyone could be as talented as Max Von Sydow.
  40. I wish Jonah Hill never tried to leave his comedy comfort zone.
  41. I wish all of Leonardo Dicaprio’s performances were as good as his in Revolutionary Road.
  42. I wish Avatar wasn’t as praised as much as it is.
  43. I wish M. Night Shyamalan would just stop.
  44. I wish everyone loved the Harold and Kumar films as much as me.
  45. I wish Alec Baldwin’s character in Glengarry Glen Ross could come and give me a pep talk.
  46. I wish sexuality didn’t stop films like Shame from being seen.
  47. I wish it hadn’t been a mentally challenged kid that got attacked in The White Ribbon.
  48. I wish I could see more of Bela Tarr’s films.
  49. I wish all supporting performances were as good as Courtney Love’s peformance in The People Vs. Larry Flynt.
  50. I wish that everyone could appreciate film as an art.

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